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Kirby Battle Royale Pits Kirby vs. Kirby on Nintendo 3DS


Kirby Battle Royale Pits Kirby vs. Kirby on Nintendo 3DS

Puffball brawl!

Kirby Battle Royale is a magical brawler that features Kirby against Kirby as the pink puffball and his several iterations butt heads. Though it was previously announced during E3, we didn’t get to hear a whole lot about it. Now that the latest Nintendo Direct stream has concluded, we know it’s adorable, features several battling Kirbys, and it’s coming out on January 19.

The latest Kirby title  will include four-player brawls as well as a single-player mode with what will likely be the most adorable Kirby fights in the world. As you can see in the trailer below, Kirby will don several different hats, as it were, to carve through the competition.

You’ll be able to take on other Kirby characters as well, such as within the Battle Arena, where the most powerful Kirby will be the last one standing. From there, you can also engage in a racing mode where your goal is to be the quickest to collect plenty of awesome treasures.

This Kirby game is not to be confused with the other Kirby title that’s coming out for the Nintendo Switch, which we now know is aptly-title Kirby Star Allies. It’s a much different beast, and will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch.


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