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If You Edit Config Files in PUBG, You Could End Up Getting Banned


If You Edit Config Files in PUBG, You Could End Up Getting Banned

No more tinkering.

If you’re one to go in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and start messing about with the game’s code, you should hang up your hacker’s hat for now. Developer Bluehole has decided to make editing config files in the game illegal in terms of playing the game. If you’re caught, you will absolutely get banned.

The change was brought to light as Bluehole actually spoke on the question “Is it okay to edit configuration files?” after the September patch for the game dropped. The answer from the developer was as such:

“No, editing any game files to gain an unfair advantage is against the Rules of Conduct. This includes changing any game configuration files to result in changes that cannot be made via the in-game settings menu.” That’s pretty black and white, and the new language seems as though this covers everything from even the smallest of changes to massive ones like disabling the game’s new foggy weather mode that can pop up at any time.

Players aren’t very excited about the change, since things weren’t like this before, with Bluehole taking a less strict approach to changing things in this manner. PUBG community manager Andro Dars has stated that so far, the only people who have actually been banning for making these kinds of changes are those who went so far as to take textures out of the game.

The language doesn’t seem to discriminate between what kinds of edits are okay, or what could end up getting you banned from the game entirely. If you’re planning on doing anything like changing graphical options or making more administrative edits, you might consider refraining from doing so for the time being.


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