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Humble Bundle Raises a Whopping $100 Million for Charity


Humble Bundle Raises a Whopping $100 Million for Charity

For a good cause.

Humble Bundle has been around for seven years, and it’s already raised an astronomical amount of money for charity. Since it’s inception, it’s raised over $100 million, officially reaching this important company milestone. There have been several companies that have benefited from the funds, from those in need of assistance during disasters to those needing food and drinkable water. It truly is a testament to the power of giving when it comes to the gaming community.

There was a special video clip released via Twitter commemorating the achievement, where co-founder John Graham discusses much of what has made the company such a large, positive impact on both gaming communities and the world.

If you’ve never purchased a Humble Bundle package, you can pay what you’d like for the games included within each offering. You can pay what you want for the initial bundle, but paying more or beating the average donation will unlock several additional games.

There have been some absolutely insane sales going on with the company over the years, often with entire collections up for grabs. Right now there’s a great Capcom, Atlus and Sega bundle with titles like Sonic Adventure 2, Resident Evil 4, Dead Rising, and several other selections. If you decided to pick one up, just know you’re doing it for a great cause!


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