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How to Get a Free Celebi in Pokemon Sun and Moon Right Now


How to Get a Free Celebi in Pokemon Sun and Moon Right Now

You’ve probably got a Celebi waiting for you!

If you picked up Pokemon Gold and Silver via the 3DS eShop, you’ve got a special surprise waiting for you. When you purchase either one of the games from back in the Game Boy’s heyday, you’ll get a gift code for Celebi, the mythical Pokemon that you can redeem in your Pokemon Sun and Moon game. You can use your code in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as well, if you’d like to.

You can get your code right now, so if you haven’t already done so you’ll want to make sure you head into your 3DS eShop and go to the Settings/Other part of the menu to look up your receipt for the game you purchased. Your code will be located on the receipt for whichever version of the game you bought. Write down the code or take a picture, however you want to do it, and then start up Pokemon Sun or Moon. You can then choose the Mystery Gift option, use your code, and head to any Pokemon Center to pick up your Celebi.

Celebi is level 30 and has the moves Safeguard, Heal Bell, Ancient Power, and Future Sigh. If you get a code and decide now to redeem it right away, be aware that you have until October 31 to redeem it That’s Halloween, so that should be an easy date to remember, after all.


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