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Destiny 2 Maintenance: How Long Will it Be Down For?


Destiny 2 Maintenance: How Long Will it Be Down For?

Just a little while longer.

How Long Will Destiny 2 Be Down?

Looking to jump into Destiny 2 but finding that you’re not able to play the game currently? Bungie has announced that its previous announcement of scheduled server maintenance is still going. Via the @BungieHelp Twitter page, the developer has stated that the server maintenance is planned to continue at 2 PM PDT, which translates to 5 PM EDT.

That means there are a few hours to go before you’ll be able to get into the game and start totally killing it as a Guardian. Three hours ago, the server maintenance was announced to be extended by one hour, bumping up the scheduled maintenance window to be completed by 12 PM PDT, or 3 PM EDT. Before that, the server maintenance was originally scheduled to be completed by 11 AM PDT, or 2 PM EDT.

Unfortunately, you’re looking at a couple more hours until the maintenance has been completed, so for now you might want to read up on one of our several guides so you can brush up and be the best Destiny 2 player you can be. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get back in the game soon, just in time for the very first in-game raid that begins this week. You definitely won’t want to sleep on that one.

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