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5 Reasons Haters Should Actually Give Destiny 2 a Fair Chance


5 Reasons Haters Should Actually Give Destiny 2 a Fair Chance

As told by a former Destiny naysayer.

After much hype and anticipation, Destiny 2 has finally arrived, and for gamers who just want more Destiny – you’re in luck! This sequel doesn’t take large steps away from its predecessor and it clearly isn’t concerned about trying to feel different. Of course, there’s no reason it should be. Destiny was, and still is, a good game. It may not have lived up to the towering expectations that preceded it, but the product was still something incredibly impressive that garnered a massive, dedicated following. So, again, if you were thrilled with your Destiny experiences and just want more of it, Destiny 2 will deliver on all fronts.

The wild card, however, comes in the form of players who weren’t exactly enthralled with Destiny the first time around. Some people were far too unimpressed by Destiny’s social features. Others felt the gameplay’s repetitive nature and the bullet sponge bosses served as dark clouds hovering over the stellar gun play. Then there were those who felt like Destiny was lacking a bit on content at launch and offered far more meaningful content through pricey DLCs. For some, this will be more than enough reason to consider avoiding Destiny 2 like the plague. But, in all honesty, you shouldn’t and here’s why.

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