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5 Games That Get That Cozy Autumn Mood Just Right


5 Games That Get That Cozy Autumn Mood Just Right

Smells like pumpkin spice!

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Costume Quest

Costume Quest 2

Costume Quest has you gearing up your friends, costumes, and abilities to help find your twin who was kidnapped by a monster. There is turn-based combat against monsters where your powers are dependent on which costume each character in your party has equipped, and some of the locations have Halloween props like pumpkins and pinatas as well as leaves on the ground, adding to that autumn atmosphere.

Halloween is one of the main events during the autumn period, with kids and grownups alike dressing up in all manner of weird and wonderful costumes. Both Costume Quest and its sequel, Costume Quest 2, from Double Fine Productions revolve around the festivities of trick-or-treating on Halloween, as candy becomes your currency and is obtained through hitting objects around the map and from battles with monsters. What better way to get into the autumn spirit than trick-or-treating in a Halloween game that is meant to be a fairly easy and fun experience?

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