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Here’s How Fire Emblem Warriors Looks Running on the New 3DS

Fire Emblem Warriors, New 3DS

Here’s How Fire Emblem Warriors Looks Running on the New 3DS

Looking pretty smooth.

Fire Emblem Warriors has just gotten a New 3DS trailer showcasing some characters in action. For the most part, everything seems to run pretty smoothly as Marth, Takumi, Hinoka, and Camilla blast through waves of enemies. While the graphics might not be on par with the Switch version, they look like something similar to Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Aside from the New 3DS clip, Nintendo has also shared another Fire Emblem Warriors TGS 2017 trailer featuring Celica as the latest fighter in the game. She’s one of the two main protagonists of Echoes who fights enemies with her sword and powerful light magic.

So far, the cast includes characters from Awakening, Fates, Shadow Dragon, The Blazing Blade, and Echoes. The crossover game will include core features from the franchise including permadeath, support conversations, and a history mode which retells the original story of each game featured within Warriors.

Fire Emblem Warriors is slated to release this Oct. 20 on the Nintendo Switch and New 3DS. You can watch the gameplay trailer below to get a good look at how the game runs on the handheld:

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