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Fire Emblem Warriors Gets a Batch of New 3DS Screenshots

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Fire Emblem Warriors Gets a Batch of New 3DS Screenshots

A look at the handheld version.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be releasing later this year and the New 3DS version is already available to pre-load in Japan. According to Gematsu, the game’s file size on the said system takes up 16, 811 blocks which is about 2.05 GB of space. The upcoming title has also gotten a few new 3DS screenshots that show off Lissa in action along with the level up screen for Marth and Chrom. Since this is the handheld version, the graphics seem to be on par with Hyrule Warriors Legends.

The crossover title brings together fan-favorite characters from across the franchise – notably Fates and Awakening. So far, there are 20 playable characters ranging from the two new twins to the Nohr and Hoshido royal family. Fire Emblem Warriors will also include core concepts from the series like permadeath, a pair up mechanic, and a leveling system.

Fire Emblem Warriors is slated to release on Oct. 20 for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. You can check out the latest screenshots in the gallery below:


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