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Final Fantasy IX Has Been Rated for PlayStation 4 in Europe


Final Fantasy IX Has Been Rated for PlayStation 4 in Europe

Could we meet Zidane and friends again?

Final Fantasy IX has been rated by the Pan European Game Information Board, which means we could be seeing the game coming to PlayStation 4 in the near future. If that’s true, it would most likely be a new port of the previously-released PC version of the game, or perhaps something more.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released on PlayStation back in 2000 and not long after received ports to iOS, Android, and PC as well. It’s not currently available to play via PlayStation 4, so a port would be fantastic news, or a re-release with a special physical edition would be interesting as well, if we can dream.

Square Enix has yet to impart any sort of official announcement as far as what the release means or if we might see it in the west, but the rating is a significant finding and could end up being something even bigger. We’ll have to wait and see for the time being, but it’s worth waiting for. Final Fantasy IX is absolutely one of the best in the series, and it deserves all the love.


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