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7 Fall TV Shows to Have on Your Radar


7 Fall TV Shows to Have on Your Radar

Plenty to keep you occupied during the colder months!

Mr. Robot Season 3

Fall TV Shows to Have on Your Radar

Sam Esmail’s Mr. Robot has taken the world somewhat by storm since its first season back in 2015. Focusing on Elliot, a young programmer turned vigilante hacker, season 3 looks set to delve further into the psyche of the mastermind, as well as follow-up on the Dark Army’s betrayal of fsociety.

With that intense ending to season two to follow-up on, the latest trailer also suggests that fsociety could go for the killer blow on E-Corp this season. It also looks like we’ll be seeing plenty more internal torment for Elliot, and a world plunged even further into darkness than we’d seen in the second season. Fans have plenty of reason to tune in when Season 3 kicks off on Oct. 11.

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