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What to Expect From Square Enix During TGS 2017


What to Expect From Square Enix During TGS 2017

What does Square Enix have in store?

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Project Octopath Traveler

What to Expect From Square Enix During TGS 2017

Square Enix’s upcoming Switch game was one of the highlights during the Sept. 13 Nintendo Direct. Aside from revealing two new trailers, they even shared a lengthy demo during the very same day. Since then, we’ve gotten to know a little more about the game, from its world to the characters in it. Only the Dancer and Warrior are playable characters, but they have some interesting backstories that will expand in the full version.

Since it’s TGS 2017, what better time to share more information about the game than the upcoming event? There’s still a lot we don’t know about Project Octopath Traveler, and sharing a few new details will help keep players entertained until they (hopefully) make another demo. They’ve reserved 45 minutes for a Project Octopath Traveler studio presentation this Sept. 23, so we can probably expect some more info on the gameplay and current cast. With a bit of luck, they’ll drop some hints about the other six playable characters and their role in the story. Whatever Square Enix has in store for TGS 2017, we really want to learn more about Project Octopath Traveler.

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