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Is Everybody’s Golf PS4 Pro Compatible?


Is Everybody’s Golf PS4 Pro Compatible?


The first Everybody’s Golf game since 2011 is now out and, as you’d expect, it looks far better than it has ever done before. However, some PlayStation 4 Pro owners may be wondering whether it will look even better on their more powerful console.

Thankfully, Everybody’s Golf is PlayStation Pro compatible and has a 4K resolution option. By pressing options at any time in the game, you can access the game’s menu. Here, head to the options section, which will bring up the sound and display options. You can then select whether to prioritize a 4K resolution or 60 fps and you can turn HDR on or off, depending on your preference. You can also just stick with the standard display setting. Also, if you have a PlayStation 4 Pro but it is not connected to a 4K capable TV, the settings will automatically be set to 60 fps and HDR off. It will also not allow you to do anything other than changing it to standard because it wouldn’t make a difference.

Using these options allows you to get the most you can out of the game, visually. The courses can look wonderful, with the shimmering pools and grassy fairways standing out. The character animations aren’t as impressive but altering the display setting wouldn’t have much of a noticeable impact on them anyway.

Everybody’s Golf gives you more than enough options to tinker with the display to ensure it looks as good as it can.

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