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Doom for Switch Will Run at 30 Frames Per Second

Doom Nintendo Switch

Doom for Switch Will Run at 30 Frames Per Second

Go to hell on the go.

The Nintendo Switch version of Doom 2016 will run at 30hz (30 frames per second), according to Digital Foundry. It’s surprising the Tegra X1 powered handheld/console hybrid can play the fast-paced shooter at any framerate, but it looks like to even get to 30fps is taking some compromises.

Id itself isn’t the ones doing this port. Instead, Panic Button, the team behind the Switch port of Rocket League, is handling the conversion. When Doom released on PC, fans were astonished at how well optimized the game was, and that optimization filtered down to the console versions. Id’s hard work at relying on good programming instead of brute force resulted in a title that looks and plays great on a huge variety of hardware.

That optimization has to be helping. It would be easy to assume that the Switch could only push low-res textures with no post-processing, but it seems like depth of field and motion blur, as well as temporal anti-aliasing. Digital Foundry hypothesizes that the game was running in 540p and that it features the same dynamic resolution scaling that the Xbox One and PS4 put to good use.

However, so far we only have reports on how the game performed in handheld mode. Many demanding Nintendo Switch games get a graphics downgrade in handheld mode to help save battery life. Docked performance could be significantly better, but for now, we’ll just have to keep guessing.

Doom for Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a release date yet, but with the amount of game that is already up and running on the system, we expect it to debut later this year or early next.

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