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Divinity Original Sin 2: How to Remove All Source Collars


Divinity Original Sin 2: How to Remove All Source Collars

Source-muted no more.

Removing All Source Collars in Divinity: Original Sin 2

When you first start out in Divinity: Original Sin 2, your character, along with all potential party members, will have a Source collar strapped to your neck. This prevents you from using any Source powers or magic, essentially putting you at a slight disadvantage when you’re in combat. However, there is a way to remove them, though you’ll need to be a little eagle-eyed.

When you first arrive at Fort Joy, examine the hatch on the ground near Griff. This will take you down to an underground passage where you can attempt a combat trial. Complete the trial, and you’ll be able to talk to the tinker (located back in Fort Joy, not the underground area) to remove the Source collar. However, you can only remove the collar on your player character.

Later on, after you escape Fort Joy, you’ll arrive at the Seekers camp. As part of the story, you’ll have to rescue Gareth from Braccus’s Armory. After doing so, go back to the Seekers camp and talk to the NPC Leya. She’s seated on a bench next to the Seekers camp waypoint. Talk to her, and you can have her remove all Source collars in the party.

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