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Is Divinity Original Sin 2 Coming to Xbox One?


Is Divinity Original Sin 2 Coming to Xbox One?

Is Divinity Original Sin 2 Coming to Xbox One?

Update: It has today been announced Divinity Original Sin 2 will arrive on Xbox One later this year.

The first Divinity Original Sin was extremely well received by the PC gaming community, and its popularity later prompted the release of an “Enhanced Edition” that brought the game to Xbox One. Buoyed by the subsequent success of the first game, developer Larian Studios has recently released a sequel title, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and its reception has been similarly positive. The game is receiving critical acclaim, refining the turn-based combat, deep progression systems, and the highly interactive world that made the first so brilliant.

Understandably, fans of the original, many of whom experienced the game on a console, want to know whether Divinity Original Sin 2 is coming to Xbox One at launch. Unfortunately, the answer is no. In fact, as of yet, there is no confirmed release of the game planned for Xbox One. But the news isn’t all bad. Speaking in a recent interview, the game’s creative director, Swen Vincke, suggested that a future port of the game to console would be considered after evaluating the game’s performance on PC. And given that Divinity Original Sin 2 reportedly sold over 500,000 copies only a week after launch, things are looking good for console port in the future.

Vincke said, “As for the console versions, we’re now focused on delivering our first patch for the PC version, something that is scheduled for this week…After that, it’ll be a long well-deserved break for the team and then we’ll boot up our machines again to work on the next things.”

It took around twelve months for the first game to make its way to Xbox One and PS4, but if the game’s sales trajectory continues positively, we might well see the sequel arrive on console sooner this time around.

Divinity Original Sin 2 launched on PC Sept. 14.

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