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Destiny 2: Xur’s Location and Exotics List for September 15-17


Destiny 2: Xur’s Location and Exotics List for September 15-17

Santa returns.

Xur in Destiny 2

It’s been two weeks since Destiny 2 launched on consoles, and today marks the return of Xur, Agent of the Nine, to the game. This week, he can be found on the planet Nessus. Simply select Nessus on the Director, and select the Watcher’s Grave fast travel point to get there quickly. You should see his IX symbol on the map as well.

Here are all of the exotics he currently has for sale.

Merciless Fusion Rifle

  • 270 Attack
  • Conserve Momentum: Non-lethal hits lessen charge time.
  • Reloading immediately after a kill increases weapon damage for a short time.

Raiden Flux Chest Armor

  • 270 Defense
  • Synapse Junctions: Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increase its damage output and duration.
  • Class abilities recharge faster when using an Arc subclass.

Doom Fang Pauldron

  • 270 Defense
  • Horns of Doom: Shield Bash melee kills recharge Shield Throw. Melee ability kills recharge Sentinel Shield Super.
  • Void melee abilities recharge faster.

Wings of Sacred Dawn

  • 270 Defense
  • Tome of Dawn: When Dawnblade is equipped, aiming weapons while in midair suspends you there for a short time. Precision hits extend this effect’s duration.
  • Improves weapon handling for equipped Power weapon.

The weapon costs 29 Legendary Shards, while the armor pieces cost 23 Shards. He has no other items for sale.

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