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Destiny 2: Which Faction Should You Join (Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, or Future War Cult)


Destiny 2: Which Faction Should You Join (Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, or Future War Cult)

Which Faction Should You Join in Destiny 2

It’s been a few weeks since players have jumped into the war against Dominus Ghaul and explored much of what Destiny 2 has to offer. But there’s more to do, and kicking off the first event that isn’t just centered around PvP is the Faction Rally. The three factions from the previous game — Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult — are all back at the Tower and ready to give you some sweet loot in exchange for your hard work (which normally requires you kill a lot of things). Of course, with there being three options you may be hard-pressed to make a decision. Allow us to help you with that.

Dead Orbit – Which Faction You Should Join in Destiny 2

Dead Orbit is an interesting faction that sure does love its dark colors. They take pride in flying their dark banner and punishing those that cross their paths as they seek to escape a dying system. They also offer up some interesting weapons which include a shotgun, hand cannon, sidearm, and a powerful pulse rifle. What really might push you to join this particular faction in Destiny 2 though is the reward you earn if they happen to win the faction rally. If Dead Orbit wins, then they will sell a scout rifle to members for the low price of 1,000 Glimmer (50K for non-members). As you may already know, scout rifles are a central component of the current PvP meta, so if you’re a big Crucible player you may want to give Dead Orbit some consideration.

Future War Cult – Which Faction You Should Join in Destiny 2

Future War Cult is a bit more colorful when it comes to banners, weapons, and shaders in Destiny 2. Blue, black, red, and yellow can be seen emblazoned on their armor and weaponry like a blazing fire. They also offer a different weapon set than Dead Orbit. There is a scout rifle, auto rifle, sniper rifle, and hand cannon on offer from turning in tokens, as well as full armor sets for each class (which each faction offers). The reward if Future War Cult wins is a pulse rifle, which is a weapon type that has started making a name for itself in the Crucible, with certain options like Lincoln Green and Three Graves proving great counters to the MIDA Multi-tool. Also, this weapon type is very useful for PvE and any situation where you want to conserve ammo. If you’re more of a burst-fire kind of Guardian, visit Future War Cult over in the hangar.

New Monarchy – Which Faction You Should Join in Destiny 2

Do you sometimes feel like royalty as you stroll through the Tower or explore the dangerous locales of Destiny 2’s universe? If so, you may just be cut out for New Monarchy. They’re a group that’s about restoring law and order and supporting the city, and they run with armor. Like legitimate knight armor, which is pretty neat. The weapons on offer include submachine guns, auto rifles, shotguns, and scout rifles for turning in tokens. The reward if they win the faction rally, however, is a sidearm. These are not the easiest weapons to use as they tend to require dangerous proximity and a deft hand, but can prove to be powerful additions to your toolkit if used correctly. If that sounds like something up your alley, head over to the bazaar in the Tower and chat with Executor Hideo.

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