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Destiny 2: Where to Find Benedict 99-40 Raid Vendor


Destiny 2: Where to Find Benedict 99-40 Raid Vendor

Where to find Benedict 99-40 (Raid Vendor) in Destiny 2

While playing the Leviathan raid, Destiny 2’s very first raid, you will earn an item called Emperor Calus Tokens. Reading the description of said items will tell you to turn them into Benedict 99-40, who is apparently a brand-new vendor that was introduced as part of the Leviathan update. The only issue is that you’re never told exactly where this individual is. Even worse, if you search every location on the Director, there is no symbol for Benedict 99-40 either, at least not before you complete the Leviathan raid.

After you successfully take out Emperor Calus and complete the raid, this new raid vendor will appear in the Tower, under the area where Hawthorne is, and he’ll appear on your map with one of those shiny green vendor symbols. Now that Benedict 99-40 actually exists in your world, simply head on over to him and turn over your tokens for some sweet raid loot. The engrams he unlocks for you as your reward for ranking him up include raid armor and weapons so you can outfit your guardian in proof that you’ve overcome the game’s toughest challenge yet.

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