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Destiny 2: Week 2 Nightfall Inverted Spire Tips


Destiny 2: Week 2 Nightfall Inverted Spire Tips

Jump through some hoops.

Clearing the Week 2 Nightfall Inverted Spire Strike in Destiny 2

It’s the second week for Destiny 2’s launch, and the Nightfall is back with the Inverted Spire Strike. This time around, the Rings modifier is active, meaning that instead of killing enemies to gain more time like last week, you’ll have to jump through a few rings in the Strike to increase your time limit.

In the Anchor, the Cabal base in the battlefield, and the large drill section, you’ll see a large ring in each of these areas. After you jump through the first ring, 10 more rings will spawn in the area, and you can extend your time limit by 30 seconds for each one you jump through. A good tip to keep in mind is to try to clear the area of enemies first before starting the rings, as you’ll have a short period of time to grab all 10 once you activate them.

You should also make sure that each member of your fireteam is equipped with a different elemental subclass. The elemental burn changes every 30 seconds, so having all three elements covered will greatly increase your damage output. The rings section in the drill area is the hardest one to get through, but you can get away with jumping through three or four rings to extend your time a little before getting to the boss.

The Protheon boss isn’t too hard to handle, and you can even burn through the second phase of the fight if everyone has the right elemental weapon for the burn during that time. In case you don’t take him down quickly enough, remember to jump onto the pedestals in the area once he slams his fist down and starts spawning adds.

Be sure to check our Destiny 2 wiki for more information on the game.

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