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Destiny 2: How to Transfer a Clan


Destiny 2: How to Transfer a Clan

How to Transfer Your Clan in Destiny 2

Destiny’s groups have gone with the wind; it’s time for clans in Destiny 2 to shine. Players will be able to start them or get invited to them, and they’ll serve as a great way for like-minded individuals to become pals, all fighting for a good cause. Hopefully. You’re wondering how to transfer your clan over, though, and the short answer is that you unfortunately can’t anymore.

Bungie had released a migration tool in July that would have let you do this, but it’s since been discontinued. If you’re out of luck in that department and couldn’t transfer your clan, you will need to create a new one after all. Here’s a guide to help you out with doing that. Or, of course, you can simply join one that’s already made. For a guide on that, head on over here. The new clans will allow up to 100 people, so that’s a whole lot of friends you can make.

Destiny 2 released on Sept. 6 for the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s releasing on PC on Oct. 24. It sure is vast, so there’s plenty to question with the game. Head over to our wiki if you have any other questions!

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