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Destiny 2: How to Throw the Titan Shield


Destiny 2: How to Throw the Titan Shield

How to Throw the Titan Shield in Destiny 2

Having three subclasses available to each of the three core Guardian classes in Destiny 2 allows you to be flexible in combat, and the ability to switch them up on the fly keeps the gameplay fresh. One of the subclasses available to Titan Guardians is Sentinel and it is the first one you have access to for an extended period of time. The Sentinel subclass’ Super is called Sentinel Shield and sees you summon a shield of Void Light and you get the ability to hit enemies with it and throw it from a short distance.

As you do with any Super in Destiny 2, you activate Sentinel Shield by pressing L1 or LB and R1 or RB and you can then press R2 or RT to attack with the shield or press L2 to guard. Also, if you want to attack from a distance, you can throw it too by hitting L1. Your character will throw it towards an enemy and it will return to you so that you can attack with it again.

That is how you can activate your super and throw it in Destiny 2. For more on the game, check out our extensive wiki guide.

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