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Destiny 2: How to Get the Lucky Raspberry Exotic Hunter Chest Armor


Destiny 2: How to Get the Lucky Raspberry Exotic Hunter Chest Armor

Get lucky with Lucky Raspberry and throw multiple Arc grenades.

How to Get the Lucky Raspberry in Destiny 2

The Lucky Raspberry returns to Destiny 2 with a highly useful perk for Hunter Arcstriders. Aside from its returning feature, which allows your grenade damage to chain to nearby enemies, the exotic armor grants you a chance to fully recharge your Arc Bolt Grenade “each time it deals damage.” This is a highly useful perk for matches in the Crucible, allowing you to throw three Arc Bolt Grenades in succession from time to time, provided the Lucky Raspberry makes you lucky enough.

The Lucky Raspberry is meant to be worn by Hunters using the Arcstrider subclass. The Lucky Raspberry also comes equipped with a mod that allows your grenade to recharge faster when you are using the Arc subclass.

The Lucky Raspberry is a game-changer for Hunters, though its appearance can be an acquired taste. The exotic armor still sports the same studded leather-like appearance found in the original Destiny. Regardless, the perks are good enough to overlook its appearance.

Similar to other exotics, the Lucky Raspberry is a random loot drop in Destiny 2. Some of the ways to get the Lucky Raspberry include the Weekly Milestones (Nightfall, Call to Arms, Flashpoint, and Clan EXP), (Heroic) Public Events and PvP matches. Xur might also sell this exotic armor, just like in the original Destiny. Basically, simply keep participating in the various activities in Destiny 2, check out Xur every Friday, and hope you’ll get lucky enough to get Lucky Raspberry.

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