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Destiny 2 Is Undergoing More Server Maintenance Today


Destiny 2 Is Undergoing More Server Maintenance Today

Find something else to do today.

Have big plans in Destiny 2 today, Guardian? Not now. Destiny 2 is undergoing another round of scheduled maintenance, which is currently planned to last until 3 PM ET/12 PM PT. That’s a few hours for now, so you’ll have to find something else to do while waiting for the servers to come back up.

The maintenance is going on in advance of an update that will add Faction Rallies to the game on September 26. When the weekly reset has been completed, players can choose from several factions like Future War Cult, New Monarchy, and Dead Orbit, each represented by a different character. There’s a whole new injection of content coming with this update, so you’ll definitely want to start deciding who you want to pledge your loyalty to going forward.

There’s plenty of stuff to finish doing in the massive expanse that is Destiny 2, but a little reprieve might not be so bad if you’ve been buried in the game since its release. If you can’t wait to get back to raiding and whatnot, you only have a little bit of time left to wait. Maybe kick back and relax with some Destiny 2 candles while you have a moment.


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