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Destiny 2: How to Get to 280 Power (Light)


Destiny 2: How to Get to 280 Power (Light)

The plateau is real.

Getting to 280 Power (Light) in Destiny 2

So you’ve hit the 265-270 plateau in Destiny 2, and none of your blue or purple drops even feel worthwhile anymore, and you’re wondering how to get over this hump? We’ve got you covered.

Powerful Gear and Luminous Engrams

This is by far the best way to get over any Power level hurdles, and it’s generally recommended that you save these for when you’ve hit a wall. The weekly Milestones for Clan XP, Call To Arms, Flashpoint, and Nightfall will reward you with Powerful Gear and give you items that are above your current potential Power level. Turn these in from 265 onward, and you should come very close to 280 after that, if you haven’t hit it already.

If you turned in those Milestones early, you can wait for the weekly reset on Tuesdays and do them again. If you’re in a clan, complete your Crucible matches and the Nightfall with your fellow clan members to unlock extra Luminous engrams from Hawthorne.

Farm Exotic Engrams

If you don’t have anymore Milestones to turn in, your next step would be to farm for Exotic engrams. This is where things get a little trickier. Without Luminous engrams, Exotic engrams are the next best thing. These will drop at a level slightly above your current Power, and if you don’t like the gear you got, you could always fuse it into something you’re using at the time. Everything you do in Destiny 2 has a chance of rewarding you with an Exotic engram, but Heroic Public Events are your best bet for now.

Simply travel to any planet or moon in the game and complete the Public Events. We’ve also got a guide detailing exactly how to trigger the Heroic version for each of these. Remember to pop a Fireteam Medallion to increase your reward gains as well.

Outside of that, you can also buy treasure maps from Cayde each week and do Strikes, but these have a much lower chance of rewarding you with Exotics.

At the moment, these are the only two reliable ways of helping you hit the 280 Power threshold in Destiny 2. Be sure to check our wiki for more information on the game.

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