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Destiny 2: How to Get a Vehicle


Destiny 2: How to Get a Vehicle

How to Get a Vehicle in Destiny 2

One of the first things guardians will notice when they return to the world of Destiny is just how much bigger the explorable areas on planets have become. The second thing they will notice is that they do not have a Sparrow immediately available to them to make traversing these gigantic worlds faster. Unlike the original game, guardians will have to earn their vehicle before having it to explore.

In order to get your sparrow, you must first complete the main story line of Destiny 2. After doing so, go to the Tower’s hangar and find Amanda Holliday. She will have three basic sparrows available for you to choose from for free. Select the sparrow you want, go into your character screen, and equip your new sparrow. Now, while you are in-game, you can pull up the Director using either using the touchpad or menu button then holding down square or X until the Sparrow appears.

You can also receive a sparrow before completing the story by reaching level 20 and decrypting a bright engram with Tess Everis. Using this method, there is no way to guarantee a sparrow will drop.

There are other vehicles available in the game during specific missions. To enter those, simply walk up next to them and hold down square or X. While on patrol on certain planets, you can find pikes that you are free to use (or free to use after you’ve removed the original occupant).

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