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Destiny 2: How Many Exotics You Can Equip


Destiny 2: How Many Exotics You Can Equip

How Many Exotics You Can Equip in Destiny 2

Hunting down the best exotic weapons and armor in Destiny 2 is a time-consuming process, but it’s definitely worth it once you’ve equipped your Guardian with some of the strongest gear in the galaxy. Just like the last game, however, Destiny 2 limits the number of exotics a player can equip at any given time.

This limit remains the same for your weapons and armor. You’re only allowed one exotic weapon and one exotic piece of armor equipped at a time. With Destiny 2, however, Bungie has made exotics a thing for just about every category possible. Fortunately, these don’t factor into the exotics limit that your weapon and armor slots have.

You can have an exotic sparrow, emote, and ship all equipped alongside your weapon and armor piece. As such, the total number of exotics you can equip in the game is five, although three of these are more just cosmetic items than damage-dealing/ resistant.

If you’re looking how to get and complete all of the exotic quests on offer in the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide here. For more on Destiny 2, our ever-expanding wiki guide will have you covered.

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