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Destiny 2: How Many Clans You Can Join


Destiny 2: How Many Clans You Can Join

So many clans.

How Many Clans You Can Join in Destiny 2

Clans are an important part of Destiny 2, if you want to play with others and subsequently grow together as a team. They’re a way to easily group up with friends under a unified banner (literally) with a motto, a purpose, and up to 100 players at a time. You can unite under a shared philosophy or idea or just gather your friends together in one place. But there’s one important thing to remember about clans, and it’s that you cannot join more than one clan at a time.

So if you happen to join one for beginner’s support when you first jump in the game and decide you want to join a brand new group later on when you’ve “outgrown” your first clan, or you decide you want to make one of your very own, you’ll have to leave the clan to join another. One Destiny 2 account can only be in one at a time, meaning if you want to play with different clans at different times, you’ll need to have multiple copies and multiple accounts to keep joining. The good news behind that is, however, that you can join the same clan with one of your multiple accounts.

So before you decide to join a clan, make sure you know which one you’re interested in so you don’t have to go to the trouble of leaving and joining up a new one. Remember that each member in a Clan will contribute experience to the Clan Rank as well, so make sure you don’t burn any bridges by leaving and joining a new group just for the fun of it.

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