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Destiny 2: How to Play Guided Games


Destiny 2: How to Play Guided Games

Everyone needs help sometimes.

How to Play Guided Games in Destiny 2

If you tend to play Destiny 2 alone or are one of those folks who really likes to solo missions that probably need additional players to complete, you’ll want to check out Guided Games. Destiny 2’s Guided Games are a new feature for this installment of Destiny that are meant to enhance solo players’ experience with raid content. There’s no way to use matchmaking for raiding, but Guided Games will let you group up with others so you can all breeze through the mission you’re trying to complete with no problem.

With Guided Games, you can choose to play with others in a couple of different ways. You can choose to, if you run a clan, open up the clan to invite solo players to help out. This way, you’ll have additional players in your own roster for the clan. Or if you’re a solo player, you can apply for clans that are opened up for solo players at the moment. This should assure that both clans and solo players find a group to tackle raids and other events. Be advised that you will need a mic if you’re going to group up with others, as cooperation is very much expected, as is working together as a team.

You can use Guided Games for Trials, Nightfall Strikes and Raids, and currently as part of a soft rollout that began on Sept. 10 at 10 AM, a select number of players are being access depending on whether or not players have participated in clans. By Sept. 26 at 10 AM, all the rest of Destiny 2 players will be given the ability to join in on utilizing Guided Games. If you’re having issues, you may want to stick around and wait for the more difficult content until then, or call on the squadmates in your Clan if you’re in one to help you out.

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