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Destiny 2: How to Get Faction Tokens


Destiny 2: How to Get Faction Tokens

How to Get Faction Tokens in Destiny 2

The first Faction Rally for Destiny 2 has begun and you can begin earning tokens as a reward for participating. Factions in Destiny 2 work a little different now. Rather than being something you can join and stay in for as long as you want, joining a faction is now a timed event. You have one week to complete as many events as possible for your faction which will earn you faction tokens that can be traded in for faction engrams. These faction engrams will contain themed armor and weapons for you to use. The faction that completes the most events will get a heavily discounted purchasable weapon that will only cost 1,000 Glimmer. The losers will have to pay 50,000 for theirs. When you’re at end game and starved for Glimmer because of mods, having that discount is a nice perk for sure.

To get faction tokens in Destiny 2, though, you’ll need to go out there and earn them. You can get faction tokens by completing public events, competing in the Crucible, beating strikes, and taking part and succeeding in the Leviathan raid. You’ll also receive new daily milestones that can be completed for a reputation bundle. New objectives will appear around Destiny 2 and will task you with completing things such as destroying supplies in lost sectors and securing and transporting supplies out in the field from waves of enemies. Completing these objectives will earn you with even more faction tokens and increase the chances that you’ll get the equipment you want and that your faction will get the overall victory. Once you have your faction tokens, you can trade them in to your faction leader (check your director and track them if you’re having trouble finding them) like you would any other vendor in Destiny 2.

That does it for how to get faction tokens in Destiny 2. Good luck out there this week guardians! Check out our wiki for more on Destiny 2.

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