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Danganronpa V3: How Long it Is and How Many Chapters There Are


Danganronpa V3: How Long it Is and How Many Chapters There Are

How Long Danganronpa V3 Is and How Many Chapters it Has

Danganronpa V3 is finally available on PS4 and Vita in the west, and players will be busy embroiling themselves in the eccentric killing game that the lovable, albeit psychotic Monokuma has laid out for them. However, with a fairly lengthy prologue, players may be wondering exactly how long Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony will take to complete and how many chapters they’ll have to play through to reach the credits.

Danganronpa V3 has eight chapters including its prologue and epilogue. Though its prologue does drag on a little bit, not much happens, and the same can be said for its epilogue. As such, the bulk of the action plays out over the main six chapters of the game. To reach the final credits, you’ll need to pour in some serious playtime. During our playthrough, we finished the game in about 35 hours.

The amount of time it takes you to complete Danganronpa V3 can vary quite a lot depending on your reading speed, whether you even pay attention to the text (which we strongly recommend you do), and whether you make the most of the Free Time sessions or just sleep through them. Therefore, we’d say that it’ll take you anywhere between 30-40 hours dependent on skill level, reading speed, and how much time you want to spend with your fellow ultimate students.

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