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Cuphead: How to Beat Wally Warbles (Aviary Action)


Cuphead: How to Beat Wally Warbles (Aviary Action)

How to Beat Wally Warbles in Cuphead

Wally Warbles is a large bird, that becomes a small bird, that becomes yet another large bird for you to face off against in Cuphead. While the mechanics of this fight are pretty straightforward, there are sometimes a lot of things on the screen to be aware of. Also, you’ll get a new weapon for your plane which will help in the final stage, as it lets you drop bombs. Below we’ll break down each of the four phases of this encounter (yup, this is a long fight), to help you overcome your fear of heights (you’ll need to fight this boss in a plane) and defeat this particularly nasty avian.

Bird in a House

Wally’s first form is just him with his head and wings sticking out of his birdhouse and some basic attacks, as well as small birds with large nails strapped to their backs. Other than the birds (which fly in straight lines and are really easy to take out), you have two attacks to worry about from Wally. The first is an egg. Just stick to the far left of the screen and go above or below where the egg is shooting. It explodes and fires three shards back in the opposite direction, but if you’re against the wall you won’t be touched. The second is a hand that pops out of the hole where Wally’s head normally is. It will shoot three bullets at once at Cuphead, just move your plane into the gaps. Dodge those basic attacks while continuing to fire at Wally until he gets really pissed.

Tons of Feathers

The next phase has only one attack, but it can be a doozy. The boss will start screeching while sending a ton of sharp blue feathers flying through the screen. They’re actually easier to dodge than it looks, just be sure to still keep an eye out for smaller birds, as they’ll try to block either the top or bottom of the screen. Keep shooting as you dodge, and capitalize on the moments where the boss needs to catch its breath so Cuphead can get out of this phase. Once defeated, the large body will fall and a smaller bird with a ray gun will take its place.

Tiny Bird, Tiny Gun

Phase three of the Aviary Action contract has you trying to take out a much smaller bird that is surrounded by spiked eggs. You’ll need to avoid the eggs as they rotate around your target, periodically moving further away from the bird then returning closer. Also, the bird will sometimes fire a pink blast at Cuphead which can be parry slapped. Just avoid the eggs and do damage until it’s time for the final phase.

Injured Wally

Two small birds will rise from the bottom of the screen carrying an injured Wally on a gurney. There are a few attacks to be wary of. Each of the small birds will take turns launching pills into the sky. When the pill splits, a part will fly to where you were standing when it split. Simply dodge it, or parry slap it if it’s pink. Now Wally has two attacks. One is he launches his actual heart out of his mouth and it fires three black bullets you need to dodge. The other is he spews up all of the garbage he’s eaten. Dodge this and continue to shoot him. If the birds start carrying him to your side of the screen, switch to your bombs and do a bombing run over wally to get to the other side. Just do this over and over, switching between guns and dodging all the above-mentioned attacks, until it’s over.

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