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Cuphead: How to Beat Djimmi the Great (Pyramid Peril)


Cuphead: How to Beat Djimmi the Great (Pyramid Peril)

How to Beat Djimmi the Great (Pyramid Peril) in Cuphead

Pyramid Peril is the second flying level available in Cuphead and pits players against Djimmi the Great, a powerful, magical mummy. There’s a lot to be aware of during the fight, thanks to a few different attacks employed by the boss as well as several different forms. Also, since you’re in a plane, you don’t have all the options afforded to you as if you were on foot (such as the different weapon types you purchased and your own chosen super).


The first phase of the Pyramid Peril boss fight will be against the sarcophagus of Djimmi the Great. In this form you have to contend with one of two different attacks. The first is a treasure chest that appears and starts to spew out tons of different shiny baubles. Crowns, gems, jewelry, you name it. If you see anything pink, parry slap it so you can build your super meter and have some EX attacks if you need them. The second attack is a cat sarcophagus that opens up to shot homing cats made of gold. You can parry the pink ones, but use your shrink ability to gather speed and avoid the rest. Continuously shoot the sarcophagus in order to reach the next phase.

Mummies and Orbs

Now you’ll actually be able to see Djimmi who is a weird red creature. He’ll poke his head out and send astral mummies at you (which can be destroyed). He’ll also fire these pairs of orbs that you can dodge and continue to shoot him, as well as daggers and other projectiles. As long as you stay alert, you can navigate the sea of attacks and take down this phase.


Djimmi certainly loves taking on new forms to defeat Cuphead. This form is a powerful puppet that will send various projectiles at the player. You also need to keep an eye out for the boss’ floating hat. If it hits you, you’ll lose a health point. Other than that, this is one of the easier phases of the fight.

Giant Djimmi

The final form is a giant Djimmi that takes up the right side of the screen and tries his best to finally finish off Cuphead. He’ll use melee attacks and some projectiles, but what you really need to watch out for is the floating hat as well as the three golden pyramids rotating on the left side of the screen. You’ll have to constantly be on the move to find gaps as you pelt the boss with bullets from your small plane. Do enough damage, and that’s that.

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