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Bethesda Wants to Keep Doing Things “Differently,” Says Vice President


Bethesda Wants to Keep Doing Things “Differently,” Says Vice President

“We try stuff and maybe do things that other folks don’t.”

Bethesda is one of the most recognizable names in the video game industry and the studio has been responsible for some of the most popular games ever released including The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, as well as the Fallout series and, more recently, the new Doom and Wolfenstein games.

There’s no doubt that Bethesda has a lot to be proud of, but the studio has come under fire recently for adding what are essentially paid mods to Fallout 4, and soon Skyrim, via the controversial Creation Club. Many fans have been reluctant to accept the idea of the Creation Club, which allows modders to add extra content that’s approved by Bethesda for real money.

Despite all this, Bethesda’s vice president, Pete Hines, said in an interview with VentureBeat that he feels experimentation is something Bethesda’s known for and that the company is still ready to try new things. He gave an example of the fact the studio chose to release Morrowind on the Xbox, despite doubts people had over whether it would be a success.

That’s something that—at least we like to think we’re known for that at Bethesda. We try stuff and maybe do things that other folks don’t. Not that long ago—okay, maybe pretty long ago. But I remember working on Morrowind for Xbox and people repeatedly telling me, “That kind of game will never work on a console. That’s not what console gamers are used to. They don’t want games with too much choice. They like simpler stuff. They like action games. They won’t get into this.

“Trying stuff and not being afraid to do things that break apart from what everyone else is doing is part of what I feel like Bethesda is, in all the years I’ve been here. Obviously we won’t be wildly guessing for experimentation’s sake, but we want to try to place smart bets and do the kinds of things we’re excited about, and that we think other people will be excited about.

Two Bethesda games, Doom and Skyrim, are set to release soon on Nintendo’s new console, the Switch. Hines stated that he believes these two games will do well on the platform, saying:

Certainly we think they can really well. What that means respective to the installed base or to other stuff—we’re not coming from the same place with Skyrim in terms of, “Everyone on this platform already knows the Elder Scrolls series.” There’s some amount of—this is new to folks. We have to introduce it to them and explain what it is. It’s the same with Doom. There is some crossover, but there’s also a new audience that isn’t sure what these games are. They haven’t played a Doom or a Skyrim. There is some education there as far as, “Here’s why these games are cool and fun.

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