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10 of the Best Gaming Companies That Do Twitter Right


10 of the Best Gaming Companies That Do Twitter Right

Definitely worth a follow.

Overwatch – Blizzard


Sometimes a truly great Twitter account isn’t always about having the best original tweets. Sometimes just having the best retweets is enough to garner an incredible amount of fanfare and followers. Overwatch’s account certainly takes advantage of this by sharing tons of unique content created by their fans. The Overwatch Twitter account consistently shares fan art, cosplays, memes, gameplay footage and pretty much anything else that fans have created to celebrate Blizzard’s insanely successful game. This is exactly why the account not only comes across as being entertaining, but it also helps build and cater to the game’s rapidly expanding community.

In addition to sharing tons of fan-generated content, the Overwatch account keeps followers up to date with patch notes and event announcements, hosts fun giveaways, and even pokes fun at members of the community. Whoever is behind this Twitter account loves to throw a little shade from time to time in a way that’s just fun and makes the account feel more human. You may catch the account telling players to “git gud” or even playfully teasing its own development team. If there is one serious lesson PlayOverwatch could teach other gaming accounts on Twitter, it’s that social media content should really feel like it’s coming from a friend rather than a bot or some PR script.

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