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5 “Bad” Video Games that Are Strangely Enjoyable


5 “Bad” Video Games that Are Strangely Enjoyable

Guilty gaming pleasures.

Deadly Premonition

deadly premonition, story

It’s hard to think of many games as divisive as Deadly Premonition. Over the years, it’s probably made an appearance in just as many “best of” list features as it has “worst of”. Yet even its staunchest supporters wouldn’t argue against the fact that the game played extremely poorly, at least in its original guise. A wonky camera and a downright awful combat system meant actually playing Deadly Premonition was a bit of a chore, and that’s where most of its bad press is derived from.

In terms of its actual story, however, there’s plenty to enjoy. This survival horror adventure game has its own unique b-grade movie flavor, complete with a whimsically cheesy protagonist and a bizarre cast of oddball characters. Deadly Premonition blends an off-the-wall murder-mystery story with some genuinely decent moments of horror — from Zach’s absurd one liners to being haunted by creepy twin children, it will have you laughing and cowering in equal measures.

The Director’s Cut is the definitive edition that brought the PS3 exclusive to other platforms, and it fixed up some of the technical issues that plagued the original. There aren’t any major improvements, but if you’re in the mood to finally give Deadly Premonition a shot, then make sure you pick up this version. This is one cult classic that everyone should find out which side of the fence they fall on.

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