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ARK Survival Evolved: How to Beat the Final Boss (Overseer)


ARK Survival Evolved: How to Beat the Final Boss (Overseer)


After making your way through the gauntlet that is the final Tek Cave, you’ll be transported to an arena to take on the final boss in ARK: Survival Evolved, the Overseer. Do not try and take on the Overseer unless you’ve geared up with the strongest TEK armor and weapons, and be sure to bring your most powerful dinos with you, too. The Overseer has different attack patterns and splits into different dino forms throughout the battle, each with its own set of attacks to watch out for.

When the finale commences, send your dinos in immediately to distract the Overseer and stay as far back as possible. Keeping your distance is the best strategy, opening up on the Overseer with weapons like the TEK Rifle and Rocket Launcher. He will return fire with his own laser and rocket fire, as well sending out drones to attack you too.

There are two types of drones: attack and defense. Attack drones are flying units that will shoot from afar; defense drones are ground units that will roll into a ball and attack you up close. You can use the aforementioned weaponry to pick off any attack drones that come your way, and you can avoid the defense drones altogether by flying away from them in your TEK armor. If that runs low, use the TEK Sword and the TEK Shield to hit them. Note that these minion units drop element when they are destroyed, which will be useful to replenish your TEK armor.

Don’t bother attacking the Overseer while his shield is up (and its spawning drones) because you can’t do any damage to him. During the moments when he shoots his laser attack, the shield will drop and this is the time to hit him hard.

In addition to the Overseer’s offensive capabilities and drones, you’ll have the deal with him morphing into three different shapes, which must all be defeated individually. At different stages of its health, the Overseer will shape shift from his main obelisk form to one of three TEK-particle versions of the Island’s Ultimate life forms (Megapithecus, Dragon, Broodmother Lysrix). The capabilities of these creatures parrot the attacks of the actual creatures you have faced before. When he’s in one of these forms, he will not have his shield up and will take damage, so just follow the same strategy of flying around, keeping your distance and shooting with something like the TEK rifle.

As the battle comes to a close, the Overseer will again shift into different forms, though this time on a time limit and with less resistance. Keep concentrating your fire on him, and when he switches back to Obelisk form and you deplete his life completely, the battle will be over.

Now you’ve beaten the final boss, sit back and enjoy the cutscene.

That’s all the help you should need to beat the final boss in ARK: Survival Evolved.

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