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Yakuza Kiwami: How to Get All Trophies


Yakuza Kiwami: How to Get All Trophies

How to GetAll Trophies in Yakuza Kiwami

Yakuza Kiwami brings back the very first game in the series, completely remade with additions including extra story scenes, new minigames, and revamped combat among other things. It’s certainly impressive to see how far Yakuza has come from the original to Kiwami, and there’s a brand new trophy list that comes along with the game. It may not be the easiest, however, as many trophies require you to beat the story before you can even start on them. Nevertheless, we’ll help you figure out how to get all the trophies in the game, from the easy to the not so easy. Take a look at the full list of trophies below.

Spoiler Warning – We ourselves won’t be spoiling any plot specifics of Yakuza Kiwami, but be warned that some trophy names just by nature may be spoilers for anyone that hasn’t gotten that far in the game. 

  • Kiwami (Platinum) – Obtain all trophies
  • When You Dont’ Pay Your Debts (Bronze) – Collected the money owed – story related, cannot miss
  • Things Will Never Be the Same (Bronze) – Complete chapter 1 – cannot miss
  • Turmoil In the Tojo Clan (Bronze) – Complete chapter 2 – cannot miss
  • Funeral For the Old Ways (Bronze) – Complete chapter 3 – cannot miss
  • Mother and Child (Bronze) – Complete chapter 4 – cannot miss
  • The Price of Life (Bronze) – Complete chapter 5 – cannot miss
  • Sins of the Father (Bronze) – Complete chapter 6 – cannot miss
  • The Dragon and the Koi (Bronze) – Complete chapter 7 – cannot miss
  • Puppet Masters (Bronze) – Complete chapter 8 – cannot miss
  • A Man’s Conviction (Bronze) – Complete chapter 9 – cannot miss
  • The Dragon Roars (Bronze) – Complete chapter 10 – cannot miss
  • Ashes to Ashes (Bronze) – Complete chapter 11 – cannot miss
  • Legends Never Die (Bronze) – Complete chapter 12 – cannot miss
  • Thank You! (Silver) – Complete the final chapter – cannot miss
  • Dragon of Legend (Gold) – Complete the game in Legend mode – Legend is the hardest difficulty mode you can select from the menu. The easiest way to do this is with New Game +.
  • Half the Battle (Bronze) – Complete 50% of the Completion List – You can bring the completion list up from its option on the main menu, and it gives you a huge list of things to accomplish that each give you 1 CP. Take a look at the tabs for Adventure, Battle, Substories, Majima Everywhere, and Minigames, and just knock off everything you can.
  • Perfectionist (Gold) – Complete 100% of the Completion List – This is probably the most lengthy trophy in the game. It’s most easily completed if you beat the story and play in Premium Mode.
  • Kiryu-chan! (Bronze) – Got chased by Majima – This one is easy. When Majima starts appearing in town, just let him see you and once he starts running after you, you should get the trophy.
  • Let’s Fight! (Bronze) – Thug Majima forces his way into a fight – Majima will sometimes force his way into fights in Kamurocho, usually this happens when someone runs up to you and activates a dialogue box instead of just the random mobs standing around. Just wander around the town and these fights should happen, but it is random which style Majima will be using in battle.
  • Swing For the Fences (Bronze) – Slugger Majima forced his way into a fight – Same as above.
  • Break it Down! (Bronze) – Breaker Majima forced his way into a  fight – Same as above.
  • Are Ya Havin Fun Yet (Bronze) – The Mad Dog of Shimano forced his way into a fight – Same as above.
  • Majima From Above (Bronze) – Assaulted by Majima from above – This is one of the random Majima Everywhere encounters where he jumps down from a building and attacks you. Once you unlock the Majima Radar ability you’ll hear a shout when he’s near, if you don’t see a pink icon for him on the map, wander or look around the area near you as he’s bound to be hiding.
  • Majima From Below (Bronze) – Assaulted by Majima from a manhole – Same as above, just look for manholes if you hear the shout.
  • Goromi the Hostess (Bronze) – Met the mysterious lady, Goromi – This is an automatic encounter as you level up Majima Everywhere.
  • Majima On the Beat (Bronze) – Met Officer Majima – Also an automatic encounter as you level up Majima Everywhere.
  • Majima of the End (Bronze) – Met Zombie Majima – Another automatic encounter.
  • It’s Not Over Yet! (Bronze) – Reached Rank B in Majima Everywhere – Simple, just fight Majima enough to level up to Rank B.
  • The Dragon of Dojima Returns! (Silver) – Upgraded all Majima Everywhere abilities – This one will probably take a while as you need to completely level up the system, and fight Majima in some special locations. Don’t forget some abilities require you to face Majima in minigames. Easy ones to miss are Pocket Circuit, MesuKing, Darts, Bowling, and the Purgatory Arena. Do these enough and Majima should automatically challenge you.
  • You’ll Only Get Burned (Bronze) – Complete “The Price of an F-Cup” substory – This is a substory you should automatically run into near Stardust in Chapter 4 or after, with a woman being harassed by a drunk man.
  • That’s a Man! (Bronze) – Complete “My Baby’s a Showgirl” substory – This is a substory you can get by talking to Yuya outside of Stardust when he appears during the story in Chapter 5 or after, or in Premium Adventure.
  • Sonic Right Hook (Bronze) – Complete “Bet on a Champ” substory – This substory is available in Chapter VII or after, and you’ll need to have Haruka with you for it. Enter the Bantam bar to the right side of the Millennium Tower and it should start automatically. Just see the substory through to its end.
  • An Answer Owed (Bronze) – Complete “Wife of a Yakuza” substory – This substory should prompt at the start of Chapter 13, when you decide to go out into the story instead of going to the final encounter. It does look like you need to have completed “The Fake Mizuki’s Truth” for the Florist to call you and prompt the story to start.
  • Kidney Stones (Bronze) – Complete “A Doctor’s Duty” substory – This substory is started by finding a hungry boy down by Public Park 3. After you give him food, you’ll need to have Haruka with you in order to continue the substory. Eventually you’ll need to take him to a doctor which you can find on Taihei Boulevard West.
  • A Bad Business (Bronze) – Complete “The Fake Mizuki’s Truth” substory – This substory can be started at the beginning of Chapter 10, just go to the Florist’s personal office in Purgatory and the substory will start.
  • She’s Worth It? (Bronze) – Complete “Man on a Ledge” substory – This substory is available from Chapter 11 onward, but you will need to have Haruki with you. If you go North to the corner of West Park, then run along the fence you should come to a building where a man is about to jump off, just before the end of the street. There’s a crowd gathered around and the story should start automatically if you walk up.
  • Yui the Hostess (Bronze) – Spent a steamy moment with Yui – Yui is the hostess at Jewel, and you’ll need to bring here affection level all the way up in order to gain this trophy. You can simply attend the hostess club multiple times to do this. Taking her out on dates also boosts affection.
  • Rina the Hostess (Bronze) – Spent a steamy moment with Rina – Rina is the hostess at Shine. The same concept as before applies.
  • Tell Me a Story (Bronze) – Complete 10 substories – This one is easy, you’ll get 10 substories pretty quickly just by running around.
  • Hero of the Story (Bronze) – Completed 30 substories – Also not too difficult, just by playing the story and walking around Kamurocho you should find 30 substories.
  • Story of My Life (Bronze) – Complete all substories – This is the difficult one, as some substories only appear at night or during certain chapters. The easiest way is to beat the game and then play Premium Mode, which will let you mop up any substories you have uncompleted.
  • Amon Defeated (Silver) – Defeated Amon – Jo Amon is a secret boss in Yakuza Kiwami that unlocks after completing all substories. You can find him at theater square, and look here for a strategy on how to beat him.
  • Death By Climax (Silver) – Complete all Climax Battles – Once you beat the story of Kiwami, you’ll unlock new options on the main menu, one of which is Climax Battles. These are challenging battles that will test your skills, and beating them all will net you the trophy.
  • Komaki Style Master (Bronze) – Compete all training for the Komaki Style – Komaki is an old man in Purgatory, who’ll teach you new moves for your Dragon Style. However, you need to buy pictures from the arena with points in order to learn them. The easiest way to do this is put the difficulty at Easy, then fight through all the Tournaments and wrack up points.
  • Take Back Those Ten Years! (Bronze) – Obtain at least 10 Soul, Technique, and Body abilities – This one’s easy to get, as you spend experience and learn abilities.
  • Master of Body and Soul – Obtain all Soul, Technique, and Boyd abilities – Not difficult, this one will just take some time to earn enough experience for everything.
  • The Strongest Fighter (Bronze) – Won all tournaments in the underground coliseum – This one is also tied to the arena in Purgatory. Like before, this is easily done by making the difficulty Easy.
  • Can I Call You? (Bronze) – Successfully ask a hostess out on a date – You can take either hostess out on a date, but normally you’ll need their affection to be at A before they agree.
  • Sexy Ron (Bronze) – Enjoy mahjong with a hostess – You’ll need to successfully ask one of the hostesses out on a date for this, but just choose to go to the mahjong parlor and you can get this one.
  • The Dragon of Pocket Circuit Reborn! (Bronze) – Win all Pocket Circuit Races – This is one of the more difficult trophies in the game, but you’ll need to beat every Pocket Circuit race. Make sure to purchase new parts after every win, but it’s going to take some trial and error to figure out which builds work best.
  • Throne of MesuKing! (Bronze) – Won against all rivals in MesuKing – Like Pocket Circuit this may take a while, but just follow the Professor’s substory and you’ll get the chance to beat everyone.
  • What a Player (Bronze) – Played all minigames – Simply play all minigames in Kiwami.
  • Hand in Hand (Bronze) – Walked 1km during Premium Adventure while holding Haruka’s hand – You can ask Haruka to go out with you at Serena in Premium Adventure, and you’ll need to walk slow to hold her hand.
  • Mister Master (Silver) – Obtained EX Rank on Haruka’s Requests – When you take Haruka out in Premium Adventure she’ll ask you to buy or do certain things, which you can find out by talking to her. Just do basically everything she wants.

That’s how you get all trophies in the Yakuza Kiwami, for more on the game make sure to stick with Twinfinite.

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