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Yakuza Devs Working on Fist of the North Star Title for PS4

Fist of the North Star


Yakuza Devs Working on Fist of the North Star Title for PS4

Fist of the North Star-themed Yakuza gameplay? I can dig it.

Along with the other Yakuza announcements today, Sega revealed a brand-new Fist of the North Star game in development for PlayStation 4. The game will be an entirely new story, separate from that of the manga and the anime series.

This Fist of the North Star story will take us to a city called “Eden” or “The City of Miracles.” Although nuclear fire has wiped most of humanity from the Earth, Eden sits at the base of a surviving structure from the old world, the Sphere City. This has allowed the inhabitants of Eden to live rich, less violent lives than most of the humans that still survives.

One day though, Kenshiro shows up, and of course, everything is going to go sour from there. The Master of the Invisible Fist is looking for his fiancee Yuria, who was thought to be dead before rumors arose that she was living in Eden.

The game starts with Eden sealed tight against outsiders. What will Kenshiro do to get in? Probably kill a lot of people.

The gameplay shown so far indicates that the action is very close to what we see in Yakuza 6, which is a good thing. Instead of just being a strict beat-em-up, this Fist of the North Star title will feature exploration, and it’s possible that we’ll get side-stories and mini-games comparable to Yakuza.

Whether or not the game will make it to the States hasn’t been announced yet. In fact, the title hasn’t even received an English translation yet. The new Fist of the North Star game will hit PS4 in Japan sometime in 2018.


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