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Xbox One X: Where to Trade in Your Old Xbox One


Xbox One X: Where to Trade in Your Old Xbox One

Where to Trade In Your Old Xbox One and Upgrade to the Xbox One X

The time has finally come for gamers to start staking claim on their very own Xbox One X. Now that preorders for the new, powerful console are available, you may be wondering what you should do with your Xbox One. Of course, selling it off will likely still be the best way to get the most return on your console but that’s often risky business and it can be pretty inconvenient. It’s hard to find the right customer and you’ll have to deal with making arrangements for the exchange. If you’d much rather prioritize safety and convenience while also getting a deal on the Xbox One X, GameStop’s current console trade-in is exactly the option you’ll be looking for.

The Xbox One X is scheduled to release on November 7 and on that same day GameStop will roll out a promotional console trade-in program that will allow you to hand over your unwanted consoles in order to save some money on your Xbox One X purchase. Here’s a breakdown of how much you can save depending on what console you trade in:

  • Nintendo Switch – $200 off Xbox One X
  • PS4 Pro – $200 off Xbox One X
  • Original PS4 or PS4 Slim – $150 off Xbox One X
  • Xbox One S – $150 off Xbox One X
  • Original Xbox One – $100

Keep in mind that these trade-in values will only be available November 7 through November 19. This means two things — you won’t have a whole lot of time to make up your mind about going for the upgraded console and you won’t actually be able to do a trade-in to save money on a pre-order.

If you’re looking to get money from your trade-in so you can put it towards a preorder, however, keep in mind that $100 for an Xbox One isn’t necessarily a spectacular deal. Walmart’s trade-in calculator estimates that customers can get roughly $94 for trading in a 500GB Xbox One with no damage. Amazon’s online trade-in program offers a similar value of roughly $123 if you’re also willing to part ways with your controller as well as the Xbox One console in great condition. The caveat here is that neither Amazon nor Walmart guarantee that value. These values are given to consoles in great condition and it’s no secret that it’s hard to get most major retailers to cough up the full trade-in value.

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