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Xbox One X Pre-Order Information Coming This Sunday

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Xbox One X Pre-Order Information Coming This Sunday

The wait is almost over.

Xbox One X pre-order information is finally coming this Sunday, Microsoft announced today via Xbox’s official Twitter account. The news will be shared from the publisher’s pre-Gamescom livestream from Cologne, Germany, which will be held at 9:00 PM local time (CEST) or roughly noon Pacific time.

If history is any indication, fans will most likely be able to pre-order the console as soon as the announcement is made or immediately after the stream. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer did mention that the wait shouldn’t last too much longer, after all. The information will be relayed through Microsoft’s own streaming service Mixer, though streams on YouTube and Twitch will most likely be available too.

Seeing as how Xbox One X pre-orders are only just starting to become available, some fans earlier this summer were concerned that the machine would be delayed. Spencer reiterated late last month, however, that that was not the case and that Microsoft’s plan “is set for this.”

The Xbox One X is releasing just days shy of a year after rival and market leader Sony launched its own 4K console upgrade, the PlayStation 4 Pro. Though the Xbox One X is objectively far more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, it usually takes more than raw power to win console market share.

Microsoft’s newest console will release on November 7 and will cost $499.

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