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We Happy Few Gets an Odd Full Release Price

we happy few


We Happy Few Gets an Odd Full Release Price

Almost as strange as its world!

We Happy Few, the action/adventurer game from indie studio Compulsion Games, will leave early access on August 16 when its final, pre-release update launches. The update, titled The Life in Technicolor, will include new joy effects and a brand new UI. Along with the updated features, the game will also receive a new — and somewhat odd — price tag of $50.99. The team at Compulsion Games, the developers behind Contrast, announced the final price in their latest weekly journal.

“We have never put it on sale because we believe it isn’t fair for someone to get the game at a lower price than a Kickstarter backer or an Early Access backer while the game is still in development,” the journal reads. “Since 2015, we have made clear that the price would increase as we approach the final release, and that time has – finally – come. On August 16, the price for the game will become US$50.99.”

Upon the game’s full release, players will receive access to story elements, such as cutscenes and narrative interactions, that were not available in early access, as well as some other updates that the studio has yet to announce. “We will explain everything in more detail on the 16th. As you can imagine, there is more to the story, and we are looking forward to sharing all the juicy details with you.”

Those who have already purchased the game via early access or as a backer on Kickstarter will not have to pay the difference in price.

We Happy Few, which has been in early access on Steam and Xbox One since July of last year, is set in a retrofuturistic dystopia call Wellington Wells. Citizens of the city take a drug called Joy to forget the surrounding hellscape. Played from the first-person perspective, players will navigate the procedurally generated world while fighting off enemies, monitoring vital supplies, and trying to blend in with the other citizens of Wellington Wells.

Players can still take advantage of the early access price of $29.99 until the game’s full release on August 16, and receive the full version at no additional cost. Twinfinite’s Publisher, Yami, played the game shortly after early access launched, and was shocked at just how mean everyone in England is apparently. You can check out that let’s play here.

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