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Warriors All-Stars: How to Unlock More Characters


Warriors All-Stars: How to Unlock More Characters

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How to Unlock More Characters in Warriors All-Stars

Warriors All-Stars allows you to play as iconic characters from various Koei Tecmo franchises such as William from Nioh, Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, and Kasumi from Dead or Alive. When you first start a new game, you’ll have the option to choose one of these characters as your main. Of course, many players will be wondering how they unlock more characters in Warriors All-Stars.

However, don’t worry about the rest of the roster. As the story progresses, you’ll be able to recruit them to your ranks as well. Whenever you’re on the world map, keep an eye out for mission icons with a character’s portrait on them. The portraits reflect the identity of the character that you can recruit by completing that mission. Simply select that mission from the world map (make sure you hit the recommended level first, though), and then complete all the objectives that you’re tasked with. After completing the mission, you’ll be rewarded with a cutscene and some dialogue, and the game will inform you that a new hero has joined your crew. It’s as simple as that.

Having said that, do note that some characters will show up as villains in your story, depending on which character you started out with.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and information on Warriors All-Stars.

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