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Warcraft 3 is Gets its Own PTR, and A Ton of Map Changes Are in Testing

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Warcraft 3 is Gets its Own PTR, and A Ton of Map Changes Are in Testing

After fifteen years, Blizzard is finally gonna get Warcraft 3 balanced.

Warcraft 3 might have released in 2002, but that isn’t stopping Blizzard from rolling out new updates for it. In a post on the Warcraft 3 forums, we got a look at the first set of patch notes for its new Public Test Region.

The new Warcraft 3 PTR is currently testing adjustments to improve gameplay and balance. Across all maps, starting locations are being tweaked to add more symmetry between each player, so everyone has equal space for expansion and access to resources.

Blizzard also hopes to improve the early game by adjusting the creep camp, he AI controlled units you can level your heroes up with, difficulty progression. The team will also be changing up the drop tables for creeps which should allow for less frustrating item progression as the game goes on.

Map graphic updates are in the works as well for Warcraft 3. The PTR is already displaying some of these. Trees and other decals have been reduced in size to allow players a less obstructed view of the playfield. There’s also been retexturing of map surfaces for better clarity, and cliff lines or water have been added to the map edges to map its boundaries.

Future changes might include some fixes to bring Warcraft 3 up to modern standards. In the forum Blizzard acknowledges that matchmaking needs its logic updated and that issues with latency still needed working on. With Starcraft Remastered coming out soon, I’m curious to see if these new updates are being put in place for a similar project for Warcraft 3.


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