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Undertale: How to Access the Secret Dog Shrine


Undertale: How to Access the Secret Dog Shrine

Doggo power!

Accessing the Secret Dog Shrine in Undertale

Undertale is finally available on the PS4 and PS Vita. While there aren’t a lot of gameplay or story changes and additions, Toby Fox did include a cute little secret area called the Dog Shrine. This is where you can donate vast sums of money to help a little doggo decorate his shrine, and you’ll get quite a few trophies for your effort as well.

To access the Dog Shrine, you need to be on the Pacifist or Neutral route. When you get to the boss fight with Papyrus, make sure not to kill him, and always select the Spare option. After that, visit Papyrus at his house to go on a date with him. Go to the kitchen on the first floor and open the little cabinet beneath the sink to reveal a dog munching on a bone. After Papyrus chases the dog out, you can head inside the sink cabinet to find the legendary Dog Shrine. Here, you’ll have the chance to keep donating money to the dog. For every donation tier you hit, the dog will add one new decorative piece to the shrine.

Be warned though; you’ll likely end up spending a few hundred G on the Dog Shrine alone if you’re trying to go for all the trophies.

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