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Uncharted The Lost Legacy: How to Beat Asav


Uncharted The Lost Legacy: How to Beat Asav

How to Beat Asav in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has some beautiful, cinematic fights for you to take part in. The combat flows so well, it might be a bit confusing when you’re supposed to hit square and when you need to hit triangle. For the boss fights with Asav, it remains the same, though: don’t go crazy spamming square.

While you can go ahead and beat up any random enemies by mashing on the square button to attack, Asav requires a bit more of a tactical approach. Mostly, you’re going to want to spam circle (or time it well, you know) to dodge his strikes. When you’ve dodged a couple, you should notice that he won’t be looking at you, and then is when you need to strike. Usually, you’ll end up behind him and can land a couple of punches before he’s right back to blocking and parrying you.

If he gets distracted by Nadine, that’s also another time to strike, so keep that in mind! It will all flow so well that you’ll feel like a total badass landing some hits on him. Where did he get all that crazy martial arts training, am I right?

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