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Top 7 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox One


Top 7 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox One

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Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox One

Warframe's Titania in action

Warframe is a game that has grown quite a bit since its initial release on PC back in 2013, yet the core of the fun has remained the same. You take control of a Tenno warrior, a space ninja endowed with incredible agility, strength, and potent abilities. Your job is to help rid the galaxy of vicious alien threats, and the gameplay makes that a pastime that’s easy to pump countless hours into. That’s because as a space ninja you have a full suite of parkour movement as well as a wide range of weaponry. Oh, and since this is space and you’re dealing with powerful enemies, Digital Extremes (the developers of this free-to-play title) threw in some interesting firearms for good measure as well.

You can play solo or with other players as you tear through procedurally generated missions which each offer different objectives to test your skills on. There’s even a PvP section called the Conclave to show other Tenno who’s boss. The best part? You never have to spend any money if you don’t want to. While some additions do require Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency, you can get some as random gifts in-game or even trade with other players to get yourself some.

Warframe is fun, fast-paced, and offers a ton of content already. Plus, there’s a new open-world area that will be introduced in the near future so you may want to start downloading this one to your Xbox One ASAP. 

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