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Top 7 Games to Look Forward to This September


Top 7 Games to Look Forward to This September

Hello, big releases.

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Knack 2

(Sept. 5 – PS4)

September 2017 Games to Look Forward To

Knack was one of the PS4’s exclusive launch titles, well before the console broke 50 million sales. It was an interesting brawler that hearkened back to the days where games were just a bit tougher. While Knack was cute on the surface, you could find yourself dying quite often as you used Knack’s ability to absorb relics to grow really, really big, or shed them all to become really, really small.

Knack 2 is set to build on the foundation that the first game laid out. It’s still bringing a lot of the growing and shrinking that was key to world navigating and combat, but it’s also doubling down on co-op experiences, making for a much more involved multiplayer game. With new skills to unlock, beautiful animations, and the fact that this is a very family friendly experience to enjoy with any children in your life, you may want to keep this PS4-exclusive on your radar.

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