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Top 10 Best Made Up Sports In Video Games


Top 10 Best Made Up Sports In Video Games

If only they were real.

10. Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat is a class-based team shooter that released on PC and Xbox 360 back in 2010. While the emphasis is on choosing classes, there are also MOBA elements involved as the point of each match is to achieve objectives with AI and player controlled teammates. The thing that really makes the game stand out, however, is its aesthetic which basically pits cloned soldiers against each other in a futuristic replacement for Monday Night Football. These soldiers battle it out for cash, while crowds of adoring fans look on.

The entire concept of Monday Night Combat is a fun idea, and the game worked well in execution as well. Each of the classes were well defined and it felt a bit like a mix between Team Fortress 2 and DOTA. Multiple match types kept things fresh, helping to make Monday Night Combat a different kind of made up sport.

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