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Titanfall: Assault Drops August 10 for IOS and Android

Titanfall: Assault


Titanfall: Assault Drops August 10 for IOS and Android

Get ready for Titanfall, again.

Titanfall: Assault, the mobile spin off to the critically acclaimed FPS series, will launch later this month on August 10 on IOS and Android platforms.

The game will take the frenetic and high octane action of the Titanfall series and transform it into a strategy game. Instead of experiencing the action inside the head of a Pilot, you’ll be commanding your forces, deciding where to place grunts, how to divvy up your pilots, and when to drop Titans.

If you pre-register with the game on Google Play, you can snag an Android themed Titan when the game launches.

It’s a different kind of game that will take advantage of the platform it’s on. It’s also a chance to expand on the series’ universe. It will also introduce new enemy and Pilot types that could make their way into the main series at a later date.

For more on the game, visit the official website to see screenshots and to see what awaits you in the latest Titanfall game.

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